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Intellectual Property Promotion Center (TLO)

About TLO (Technology Licensing Organization)

Nippon Medical School Foundation consists of Nippon Medical School, a doctor training university; and Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University, a university that offers veterinary medicine and applied life science. It is our mission to continue to make our utmost effort to educate our medical students and healthcare professionals and conduct extensive and innovative research that can best contribute to the society.

Recently most universities in general have their third mission: social contribution. We can also appreciate how each and every university comes up with many unique ideas to execute this mission. Thus, our school has taken advantage of this trend and has established Technology Licensing Organization (TLO) on December 1, 2001 to realize our mission to contribute to the society. This center promotes research done at Nippon Medical School and Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University along with striving to share information and knowledge gained through research with the society and its community.

bookAlso, we have been accredited “ TLO Approval” on February 19, 2003, by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology; Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. This was based upon “ the law to promote universities to share the technologies and research results with private sectors”. This also allows us to implement our plans for specific university technology transfer business (TLO Business).

In addition, on February 1, 2010, in order to establish the affiliation system between our school and the society more easily and smoothly, we have changed the name Technology Licensing Organization to “Intellectual Property Promotion Center”. We will focus on solving the problems that we have realized through the activities and practices done so far, and also would like to take advantage of our center and push further with promoting industry-government-academia cooperation.
We sincerely ask you for your continuous support and cooperation.

The Goals of the Center

Intellectual Property Promotion Center at Nippon Medical School Foundation is established with the purpose of conducting and protecting research results that have been done at Nippon Medical School and Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University. In addition, we are hoping to contribute to the development of academic research as well as to the advancement of our nation’s industries through returning the benefits of Intellectual Property to the society.

We consider as follows:

  • (1)Through establishing a patent,
  • (2)By having companies properly making this patent into business, we would like to contribute to the society
  • (3)Reward should be distributed fairly among inventors and universities (the staff of a school)
  • (4)And this process will further generate new research and achievements through academic activities

From this point of view, in order for us to protect the rights of the Faculty and staff with their invention and also in order to promote academic research as well as to take advantage of the academic findings in society, we have established “Nippon Medical School Foundation Intellectual Property Handling Regulation”. This is to regulate the basic points on how to manage intellectual property.

Main Activities of the center

  • Enlightening activities on intellectual property rights
  • Patent research and consultation
  • Support, sustain and manage rights for research achievements
  • Handling inquiries about Nippon Medical School Foundation Intellectual Property Rights
  • Office for managing conflict of interests

The Organization of the Center

  • Name: Nippon Medical School Foundation Intellectual Property Promotion Center
  • Other name: Intellectual Property Center
  • Address: 1-1-5 Sendagi Bunkyou-ku, Tokyo 113-8602
  • Tel: +81-3-5814-6637
  • Fax: +81-3-3822-2834
  • E-mail: nms-tlo@
  • Head of the Center: Dr. Masami Ochi (Professor at Nippon Medical School)
  • Established: December 1st 2001

Possible License Chart

Field Name of Invention
1. Medicine/Drug Hair loss treatment
2. Medical Device Lower extremity external fixation
3. Medical Device Covers for operation
4. Medical Device Vertigo/dizziness tester
5. Medical Device Bone hyperplasia jig
6. Medical Device Electric stimulation wearing device
7. Experimental Animal A tumor / bone marrow failure model animal
8. Mensuration A mannose glucose simultaneous measurement method
9. Diagnosis Detection kit and method of detecting ovarian cancer
10. Diagnosis Seizure distinguishing method
11. Diagnosis A gene variation screening method of the familial aortic aneurysm
12. Diagnosis A gene variation screening method of the low phosphatase symptom
13. Diagnosis Laboratory sensitivity procedure of the exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
14. Animal Medicine The therapeutic and preventive medicine of cat infection-related peritonitis virus (FIPV)
15. Animal Medicine The therapeutic and preventive medicine of the cat infection-related peritonitis (FIP)
16. Equipment A chewing simulator

License Procedure

sciense We issue license to intellectual property rights, such as, patents that were attained through research conducted at Nippon Medical School and Nippon Veterinary and Life Science University. If you are interested in any technology, please contact us.

  • Consultation
    If you are interested in a “Patent for possible license” project, please contact us.
  • Disclosure of Patent Information
    If necessary, we would set up a meeting with inventors regarding disclosure of patent information. In terms of patent that has not been disclosed yet, we might need to create a non-disclosure agreement with you, for example.
  • The Meeting of the License Condition
    We will negotiate the license conditions: A topic for discussion could be the form of the move (the monopolistic enforcement right, the normal enforcement right, a quitclaim), execution costs, an enforcement period, an enforcement range, technical guidance etc.
  • Conclusion of the Contract
    We conclude a contract by an enforcement contract (an example) or intellectual property rights transfer agreement.
  • Enforcement of Industrialization
    Industrialize the intellectual property rights that we licensed and please make payment for the fee to our school
  • Sharing and Distributing Compensation Fee
    50% of the remaining money (money left after subtracting the direct expenses from the fee paid by the licensor) will be paid to the inventor and the other 20% will go to the designated department that the inventor chose.