Warm and considerate environment which is patient-focused


*Entrance hall
This hall has a well-lighted stairwell, roomy sofa, roundtable, etc.
which produce cozy space.


*Barber and beauty shop
A bld.B1 floor “EARNEST”
Monday to Saturday, 9:00 to 18:00
Room service is also available.


*Convenience store
A bld. 1st floor “Lawson ”
Open 24hours
All year around without any days off


A bld. 1st floor “S-GARDEN”
Monday to Saturday, 10:30 to 16:00
Sunday and national holiday, 11:00 to 16:00
All year around without any days off


*Coffee shop
B bld. 2nd floor “DOUTOR”
Monday to Saturday, 7:00 to 19:00
Sunday and national holiday, 10:00 to 19:00
All year around without any days off
Refreshment and coffee, etc.


A bld. 1st floor “Shigaku shoten”
Monday to Friday, 10:00 to 18:00
Saturday, 10:00 to 16:00


*Patient bedroom
Most of bedrooms consist in private rooms or rooms for 4 patients.
A bathroom, wash stand, safe locker, TV, etc. are furnished in each room with well- lighted atmosphere.
Each floor has East ward and West ward and sub nurse station so that nurses can observe the inpatients attentively.


Dayroom is available as a conversation room with visitors.
It is also used as a dining room if the inpatient would like.


*Healing art
Cute pictures are on the walls here and there. That means what is called “healing art”, which is approached to heal patient’s mind as much as possible.


*A heliport
Doctor-Helicopter which is consisted as a service unit by the nation and the prefecture, stays continuously and transfers critical patients to the most appropriate medical institute in the whole area of Chiba prefecture and the southern area of Ibaragi prefecture.


*Hospital street
"Hospital street" measures 6 by 150 meters, has the1st and 2nd floors and connects other buildings. Here, the exhibitions of arts, Satsuki azalea etc. are not only held but is available for the space of the first
stage treatment in emergency such as disaster.

Center by organ-based classification

A high degree of specialization is required in step with the advances in medical technology. Nowadays, more advanced and comprehensive medical treatment with close relationship among doctors, in short “Doctors to Doctors Medical Service” are necessary.
This hospital owns advanced centers by organ-based classification, forming team medicine.


Cardiovascular Center


Neurological Center, Stroke Care Unit (SCU)


*Respiratory Disease Center


*Digestive Disease Center


*Endoscopy Center

Assistance service


*General information desk


*Medical welfare consultation
Medical social workers give advice on the problem or the uneasiness originated in medical treatment.
○Financial trouble such as medical treatment fee, compensation for temporary disability, etc.
○How to select and use social welfare faculty or program
○Rehabilitation into society


*Pharmaceutical consultation
Pharmacists give advice on prescribed medicines and explain indications, adverse reactions, dosage and administration, drug interaction and so on.


*Nutrition support service
National registered dietitians give advice and guidance for the recovery from a disease and prevention of a lifestyle disease.


*Tailor-made medicine room
Tailor-made medicine is served according to the difference of genes or the feature of a disease. This hospital is one of medical institutes participating in the relevant project supported by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. We request patients to join in the project on a voluntary basis.


*Disaster prevention training center
This hospital is appointed to “Disaster Medicine Base Hospital” in Chiba prefecture. The related seminars or training courses are held every year to fulfill the responsibility.


*Storage of disaster stockpile
The size is 747m2,so that there are preserved food, temporary toilet, a wide variety of medications and medical equipment ultimately for disaster.

*Nursery room
Nursery room for mothers coming along with infants is available to suckle and prepare the milk.