Basic policy / Mission

Ethos (philosophy) of Nippon Medical School

Education policy

Training the finest physicians and medical practitioners who exhibit human empathy and academic zeal.

Core spirit (the School's motto) of Nippon Medical School

“Kokki-Junko” which means discarding oneself to serve for public or selfless devotion to patients and society.

Basic policy of this hospitall

Providing safe and high quality medical services with consideration for patients and focusing efforts on developing medical professionals with a rich humanity

Mission of this hospital

  1. Paying attention to rights of patients
  2. Providing medical services with patient-focused care
  3. Making every possible effort to keep patients safe
  4. Playing a leading role in providing critical care and highly advanced medical service
  5. Playing a key role in contributing regional public health, medical treatment and welfare
  6. Trying to be a base of medical information transmission for the public
  7. Developing prominent medical professionals with a rich humanity
  8. Promoting advanced clinical medicine research

Rights and Obligations of patients

Rights of patients

  1. You can undergo safe and good- quality medical treatment with dignity as human beings.
  2. You can receive enough medical explanation to choose the options by yourself.
  3. You can make decisions of the options by yourself.
  4. You can obtain the information on your own medical treatment.
  5. You can go to other hospitals and get second opinion.
  6. Your personal information and privacy are protected strictly.
  7. A child under 18 also has the above 6 items.

Obligations of patients

  1.  Please describe your present condition and medical history in great detail to the doctor in charge.
  2. Please ask the doctor until you fully understand the explanation, in case it is not adequate.
  3.  Please keep the rule of cure not to disturb other patients.
  4.  Please join your medical treatment with medical staff.
  5. Please decide if you will undergo medical treatment here, considering that this hospital is affiliated to the medical school and must play a role of developing medical staff.
  6. Medical practice is substantially uncertain. We do our best for safe medical treatment, but please understand there is a possibility that the results may not meet the patient's expectations.

Charter of children’s rights

  1. Children must be valued and respected as individuals at any time.
  2. Children have the rights to receive the best medical treatment, no matter what their illnesses are.
  3. Children can receive safe medical treatment in a good environment at any time.
  4. Children can receive a full explanation of the disease and how to treat it according to their age and ability to understand.
  5. Children who receive medical treatment in this hospital are free to share their thoughts with medical staff and their families, and to talk together and ask them about any concerns or questions they may have.
  6. If children are unable to make their own decisions about their own health, they can ask their families to make decisions instead.
  7. When children receiving medical treatment at this hospital, children can say “they don't like it”, cry, or yell loudly about things that they don't like.
  8. Children are able to spend time with their families during their stay at this hospital.
  9. Children can participate in play and recreation according to their age, growth and development while they are hospitalized, in addition, they can also receive education.
  10. The privacy of children and their families is protected at all times in the hospitalized stay.