Message from the director

“Novel and High-Quality Medical Therapy with safety and faithfully first”
-Fundamental Attitude in NMS Chiba Hokusoh Hospital-

Director of Hospital, Nippon Medical School Chiba Hokusoh Hospital
Professor Emeritus, Nippon Medical School
Yoshihiko Seino, MD. PhD.

Nippon Medical School (NMS) was founded in 1876, as the antecedent “Saisei-Gakusya” medical school on the principle “Serving for the World “Kokki -Jyunkoh”. For more than 140 years, we have contributed the practice of medical and total health care in Japan, and also have achieved significant scientific works in both the basic medical science and the clinical medical science. NMS has four medical college hospitals, “Sendagi Hospital” in Tokyo, “Musashi Kosugi Hospital” in Kanagawa, “Tama Nagayama Hospital” in west-Tokyo, and “Chiba Hokusoh Hospital” in Chiba.
Our hospital “NMS Chiba Hokusoh Hospital” was established in 1994, as the youngest and energetic kernel hospital in the Chiba medical sphere. We are spreading powerful activity of “High-degree Acute Care Medical Service” consisted of “Critical Care Medicine Shock and Trauma Center”, “Acute Stroke Care Unit”, and “Cardiovascular Care Unit”. The activity of HEMS (Helicopter Emergency Medical Service) established more than 14,000 missions since 2001, which is the number 1 achievements in Japan.
Also our hospital has been officially authorized as “The Chiba Cancer Treatment Regional Base Hospital”, and we are producing “High-quality Cancer Therapy with safety and faithfully first”, “Improvements in both the Survival and QOL”, and “Earlier and Effective introduction of Palliative Medicine” for the fundamental cancer therapy. Moreover our hospital has been authorized by the Cabinet office as “The Regional Base Hospital accepting patients from foreign different countries” on the background of Narita International Airport. Noticeably our hospital is authorized as “The Mission Critical Disaster base Hospital” against the natural disaster such as unpredictable big earthquake or the man-made calamity.

“Novel and High-Quality Medical Therapy with safety and faithfully first”
For us, this is the fundamental attitude in the NMS Chiba Hokusoh Hospital.