Message from the director

"All for One" all staff dedicate to each patient in the way of one team.

DSN_1770  Nippon Medical School (NMS), founded in 1876, is the oldest private medical school in Japan with more than 140 years’ history which was opened by the predecessor of Saisei Gakusha, benevolent scholar. Then, Nippon Medical School Chiba Hokusoh Hospital was established in 1994 as the youngest and most energetic hospital among 4 affiliated ones. We are developing "advanced acute medical care" based on the " Critical Care Medicine Center ", "Stroke Care Unit", and "Cardiovascular Center", by making the most of using the leading doctor helicopter as the regional core medical school hospital in Inba medical region. We were the pioneer in Japan, concerning the activity of HEMS "Helicopter Emergency Medical Service" and have been transporting and treating more than 1,200 patients a year since 2001.

Since 2015, this hospital has been recognized as a "regional based cancer center hospital", which is an important medical policy in Japan, and it has accumulated excellent treatment results in surgery, chemotherapy with various anticancer drugs, and radiation therapy under the themes of "safe and high quality medical care", "improvement of life prognosis and quality of life", and "palliative care at an earlier stage".

This hospital had already been authorized as a "regional base hospital accepting patients from different countries" by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Furthermore, this hospital has been recommended as "JIH: Japan International Hospitals (50 hospitals nationwide, as of June 12th, 2020)" led by Cabinet Office since 2017, and we are serving the latest medical treatment for patients visiting Japan from other countries in the background of the internationality at Inba district and Narita International Airport.

As a notable mission, this hospital has been selected as a "regional disaster medicine core-based hospital" in Chiba. Every year, we conduct large-scale disaster drills with the participation of fire and emergency services in each region, mock patients played by students of medical schools in Chiba, Inba health and welfare center, and regional medical institutions, assuming that there are "earthquake that directly hits Tokyo area". Though, earthquakes and natural disasters are frequent in various places, we prepare for disaster medical care and emergency situations, centering on the critical care medicine center/DMAT.

In addition to providing the best medical treatment, this hospital is surrounded by greenery, and many paintings as healing art, are displayed in the spacious corridors. That can have patients feel comfortable.

 Doctors, nurses, pharmacists, allied health professionals all work together with an "All for One" attitude to deal with one patient, one event, and one problem.

                                                                                                     President of Nippon Medical School                                                                                           Chiba Hokusoh Hospital
                                                                                                     Ryuzo Bessho, MD. PhD.