How to consult

It is necessary to submit the introduction letter from other hospitals when you have the first consultation. Without having it, that costs you the additional fee 5,400 yen

In case of the first visit

Please submit medical form for registration, insurance policy and the introduction letter.
Please ask the nurse at information corner, if you are not sure which service you should take.
Please receive ID card and so on and submit them at outpatient reception desk.

In case of revisiting

Please put your ID card into reception machine.

At outpatient reception desk

If you receive examination or medical imaging like X-ray, CT and MRI, please go to the section below, following doctor’s instruction.
Blood drawing rooms, Radiological Center, Center of physiological and functional examinations

At accounts for outpatient

Please submit the file with basic schedule and ID card.
Please keep the outside hospital prescription carefully.
Please wait nearby by indicating your reception number at automatic accounting machine.
Also you can pay the medical fee face to face at accounts for outpatient.

If you have the outside hospital prescription, please go out to drug stores to receive the medicine by paying the fee. Information corner near the escalator and elevator on outside hospital prescription, helps you. There is 4days left in the effective period of the prescription from the date of issue.

If you have the inside hospital prescription, please wait in front of the pharmacy by indication your reception number at the electric board. Next, please submit the ticket for medicines there and receive them.