How to consult

Flow of consultation and payment

Flow of consultation and payment

For the initial visitor

If you are visiting this hospital or the clinical department for the first time, please come to the registration desk. Then please fill in medical application form, and show a medical referral letter from other doctor and your health insurance card (if you have one).


About a medical referral letter
We provide services in cooperation with other medical institutions, and as a general rule, it is required to hand in a medical referral letter from other doctors. For this reason, if you are the initial visitor without a medical referral letter, we will charge you 7,700 yen (Tax excluded) as an additional fee uncovered by the insurance. If you have a medical referral letter, you will be asked to visit this hospital at the date and time of the appointment when is informed you through the first-stage medical institution.
For more information, please contact the first-stage medical institution or Regional medical liaison office in this hospital.

About re-visitor

You can put ID card into Automatic re-registration machine.


Notes for re-visitor
※ In case a patient has been treated at this hospital before and receive medical treatment at a regional medical institution because the symptoms etc. have become slightly well, and then comes back to this hospital without a referral letter, we may charge a special fee.
※  If you do not bring your insurance card, please be careful that you may be treated by your own expense.
※  Please bring your insurance card, because we have to check the validity.
※  In case your insurance card is changed, you have public medical ticket and an address or a name is changed, please come to the registration desk and inform that.


Notes on reception and consultation hours
Reception and consultation hours are subject to change depending on various circumstances. When you come to this hospital, please confirm in advance and then come to this hospital.

Reception and consultation hours
Closed days of regular service:Sundays, National holidays, From December 30th to January 4th,Foundation day(April 15th)

About payment

When the consultation and examination are over, please submit the outpatient schedule to the calculation desk. We give you an "Automatic Payment Machine Number ticket". If your number is shown on the display board of automatic payment machine, please settle down medical treatment fee there.
Please bring your insurance card to the calculation desk at the first visit or at the first visit of every month. If you have any medicines in this hospital, you are given a "medicine voucher". Payment can be made by cash, debit card or credit card.


Contact details
 Nippon Medical School Chiba Hokusoh Hospital
1715 Kamagari, Inzai, Chiba, 270-1694
0476-99-1111(Main Number)