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There are two campuses at Nippon Medical School, the Sendagi Campus at Sendagi area in Special wards of Tokyo, and the Musashisakai Campus at Musashisakai area in Western Tokyo. At these campuses, students can take advantage of interesting varieties of on-campus lectures, forums, and seminars offered by renowned scholars and researchers. Sendagi is a town in Tokyo retaining an old townscape. Students can enjoy the historical atmosphere at Sendagi campus with walking distance from the famous Ueno Park, Rikugi-en, and more. Musashisakai is a town full of green and currently a developing area in Musashino city: both campuses have an ideal educational environment where students and researchers can experience a calm atmosphere while engaging in their studies and researches.

Musashisakai campus

Musashisakai campus After entering Nippon Medical School, incoming freshmen start classes here at the Musashisakai Campus. Here they study basic science and liberal arts. The goal of the first year is to establish the foundation to become the member of the society and prepare for the medical education starting from the second year. The Musashisakai Campus has an ideal environment for students to start their first year at school, as the campus is surrounded by many green areas. Even after they move to Sendagi Campus, many students visit this campus for club and group activities.

Sendagi campus

Sendagi campus Students move to Sendagi Campus from second year, and spend five years at this campus until graduation. Sendagi Campus is located next to the university hospital, so students can take opportunities to learn from patients and physicians in order to obtain the skills of becoming medical professionals. They can also conduct research using the latest medical devices at the research facilities such as Graduate School building and the Clinical Imaging Center for Healthcare. Other educational activities are performed at the Sendagi Campus, such as academic exchanges with foreign institutions and medical volunteer activities. The Sendagi Campus is an ideal place for students to learn in a calm environment, because the area retains an old Japanese townscape despite being located in the center of Tokyo.