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Nippon Medical School Hospital


 Nippon Medical School Hospital

 1-1-5 Sendagi, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8603, Japan
 TEL +81-3-3822-2131

Nippon Medical School Hospital is located in the Bunkyo district of Tokyo. This district, which resides in the center of Tokyo, is well known for its academic culture and historic spots. Our hospital is surrounded by a number of universities, museums and parks such as Rikugi-en, within a quiet and calm environment. Since the opening of the hospital in 1910, we have equipped with advanced medical technology aligned with highly specialized experts in each department. For more than a century, we have dedicated to our community and have been recognized in the area for highest quality of patient care.

In January 1977, we established the first medical emergency center in Japan to be authorized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, and the center was later designated for “Advanced Critical Care Center”. In 1993 we were authorized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as the “Advanced Treatment Hospital”, and in 2010 as the regional hub medical institution for cancer treatment. For many years, we have put an enormous effort to enhance quality of care and have gained experience in clinical research and clinical education.

Regarding cancer treatment, we are working hard in order for patients with cancer to feel comfortable with treatments and receive medical care with confidence. For outpatient care, we have recently established General Medicine Center, which provides high quality care to outpatients with efficiency and quick response. Through these efforts, we are conducting medical care to fulfill diverse medical needs in our community.

We believe in the importance of fostering a relationship of trust with patients and highly value teamwork with other professionals. We will continue to work hard and to enhance cooperation with other medical institutions in order to provide patients with highest quality medical care.


Establisher Nippon Medical School Chairman Atsuhiro Sakamoto
Administrator Director Shinichiro Kumita
Medical Department 42
Authorized Hospital Bed Capacity 877 (General: 850beds, Psychiatry: 27beds)
Number of Staff 2,507 (December 12, 2018)
Nursing Classification General nursing care placement 7-to-1 / Psychiatry nursing  care placement 7-to-1
Main Facilities Critical Care Medicine (CCM) 40 beds
Critical Care Unit (CCU) 12 beds
Stroke Care Unit (SCU) 8 beds


1876 April Opened Saiseigakusha
1904 April Founded Nippon Medical School
1910 November Opened Nippon Medical Hospital Affiliated to the Medical School
1926 February Founded Non-profit organization Nippon Medical School, and then in the same year, renamed it Nippon Medical School Second Clinic
1953 April Renamed Nippon Medical School Affiliated Clinic
1963 April Renamed Nippon Medical School Hospital
1977 January The first to be approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare to set up Critical Care Center
1986 September Newly build the East Wing
1993 April Specified as the First Advanced Critical Care Center (Ministry of Health and Welfare)
1993 December Approved as Advanced Treatment Hospital
2008 February Specified as the regional hub medical institution for cancer treatment

Outpatient Clinic Guidance

To first-time patients of our hospital
Patients who have a letter of introduction may make appointments in advance by fax. For more information, please click here.


Our hospital includes physicians and specialists who are equipped with the most advanced medical technologies and expertise. They work very hard every single day in order to offer their patients the best possible medical treatment. Every and each medical department hopes to bring the best medical treatment package and system to help every person lead a healthy and comfortable life.

Internal Medicine


General Medicine Center

  • General Medicine Department
  • Emergency Medicine Department

Cancer Clinic Center

  • Cancer Clinic Center

Medical Cooperation Section

  • Research Room
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Endoscope Center
  • Pathology Division (outpatient laboratory pathology)
  • The surgical Center
  • Central Laboratory Department
  • Blood Purification Therapy Room
  • Department of Radiology (technology)
  • Radiation Safety Control Room
  • Nutrition department
  • Physiological Function Center
  • ME section
  • Blood Transfusion Department
  • Clinical Research Promotion Department

Nursing Department

  • Nursing Department

Pharmaceutical Department

  • Pharmaceutical Department


  • Medical Cooperation Room


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