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Department of Radiotherapy

Radiation therapy has proved to be an effective and versatile treatment for many cancer patients. Our department conducts both external-beam as well as internal radiation therapy.

Treating Cancer

We apply radiation to the treatment region to eradicate cancerous foci while also minimizing side effects by protecting the internal organs. This procedure is enabled by a treatment plan informed by the latest in imaging technology as well as the meticulous maintenance and operation of treatment equipment. Simultaneous administration of chemotherapy is also becoming increasingly common.

Preventing Recurrence

For patients that have chosen breast-conserving surgery to treat early-stage breast cancer, radiation therapy can help to prevent recurrence of the cancer following the operation.

Palliative Medicine

Radiation therapy is also useful for lessening the pains caused by advanced cancer. It is especially effective in combination with other types of palliative care in alleviating various symptoms including the pain caused by tumor metastasis to the bones, the neurological effects of tumor metastasis to the brain, as well as any pressure on nerves or blood vessels caused by the swelling of lymph nodes.

Treatment of Keloid Scars

Our hospital has placed a special focus on treating patients that suffer from keloid scars. Although these are not malignant tumors, radiation therapy is still an effective treatment. We are one of the few hospitals that perform radiation therapy of keloid scars in conjunction with plastic surgeons to treat patients who may be suffering from cosmetic, psychological, or physical ailments.

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