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Site Policy


Unless otherwise noted specifically, all information, photographs, illustrations and other content, whether it be text or image, posted on the website of Nippon Medical School (URL:; hereinafter “the website”), are the copyrighted property of Nippon Medical School (hereinafter “the school”). Therefore, no data contained in the website may be transferred, copied, reprinted, distributed, excerpted or sold in part or in whole, whether or not said data is modified or unmodified in the course of such action, with the exception of instances in which such action is approved by the school. This prohibition shall not apply, however, to actions permitted under Japan’s copyright law, such as printing or storing such data for private use for non-profit purposes.


The school shall provide no guarantee of any kind with regard to information posted on the website and its content. Accordingly, the school shall not bear any responsibility if the content of such information is found to be inaccurate. In addition, please note that items posted on the website may be changed, updated, added, deleted or discontinued at any time.

Link Policy

In general, links to the website from external pages are not restricted as long as such links meet prescribed conditions; for example, links to the website must not serve profit-making purposes, and such methods as HTML framing (in which readers often fail to identify the source of the content) must not be used. In addition, we may decline requests for any other type of links whenever we consider it obstructive to the school’s operations or damaging to its reputation.

Voice Browser

In conformity with the JISX8341-3 standards for web accessibility established by the Japanese Industrial Standards Committee, this website is responsive to the “Voice Browser” function. The content of web pages may be converted into artificial voices through the use of text-to-speech applications.

Recommended Environment

In order to browse the website comfortably, users are advised to ensure that the devices they use for browsing satisfy the following specifications. In addition, please note that certain content requires the installation of the latest version of browsers or plugins in order to view.

Adobe Reader 5.0 or later
The latest version of Adobe Reader is available on the website of Adobe Systems for free.
Adobe Flash Player 7.0 or later
The latest version of Adobe Flash Player is available on the website of Adobe Systems for free.
Javascript settings
Javascript is used in character-size adjustment, web-page printing and other functions. Please note that certain content cannot be displayed or manipulated when Javascript settings are nullified.