Nippon Medical School

Affiliated Hospitals

Department of Psychiatry

ur department offers a wide range of medical treatments covering all post-puberty mental disorders. We have 32 psychiatric sickbeds, and together with outpatient care, carry out specialized psychiatric care.

In addition to core treatments such as drug therapy, psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, and autogenic training, the early implementation of modified electroconvulsive therapy as compared to other domestic facilities has also seen results.

With over 300 inpatients per year and an average hospital stay of 27.8 days, we maintain a short hospital duration compared to that of other psychiatric departments. Of our inpatients, a large number are elderly patients with mood disorders, and because many of these patients have physical complications, we proactively carry out modified electroconvulsive therapy using pulse wave therapy equipment.

We have over 1,400 new inpatients per year and over 33,000 inpatient clinic visits per year. We also operate a specialized child and adolescent outpatient clinic, which is actively involved in treating child and adolescent psychiatric problems.

Our Consultation Liaison Service (CLS) is also very active. With the cooperation of other medical departments, the CLS intervenes actively in the psychiatric problems of nearly 60 general inpatients seeking other medical treatments. In particular, we have specialized staff in the advanced emergency medical service center that perform regular medical care.

Reception hours

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