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Department of Endocrine Surgery

The Department of Endocrine Surgery offers diagnosis, surgery, and medical treatment of diseases of the thyroid, parathyroid, and adrenal glands. Endocrine disorders cause a variety of clinical symptoms due to excessive hormone secretion, but show dramatic recovery with treatment. In addition, the majority of malignant tumors are successfully treated through surgery.

With advanced technology and the specialized expertise of our staff, we are able to offer precise diagnosis and provide treatments with minimal side effects in line with the patient’s situation. This is because the clinical symptoms of endocrine disorders manifest in a variety of ways with complex mechanisms of actions. We take all our patient’s complaints seriously and suggest appropriate treatments, and work with the patient until a satisfactory solution is achieved.

Meanwhile, our surgical treatments are targeted at improving the quality of life for patients after surgery. We emphasize minimally invasive techniques that use endoscopic procedures giving cosmeticadvantages and relieving postoperative pain.

The Department of Endocrine Surgery has its origins in 1978, when a clinic specializing in thyroid disorders was established in ourhospital . Over the course of 38 years, we have been offering specialized treatment to patients with various endocrine disorders. At present, we rank as one of the university hospitals in Japan to handle the greatest number of outpatients and surgeries each year.

Please feel free to visit us for an examination of endocrine disorders.

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