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Department of Gastrointestinal and Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery

The Department of Gastrointestinal and Hepato-Biliary-Pancreatic Surgery conducts diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal and hepato-biliary-pancreatic disorders related to the esophagus, stomach, intestines, rectum, anus, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and spleen. We treat a wide variety of disorders, ranging from emergency abdominal diseases typified by acute abdominal pain to gastrointestinal cancers, and have performed over 1,100 surgeries.

The Department boasts a large number of specialists and medical instructors from the Japan Surgical Society, the Japanese Society of Gastroenterological Surgery, the Japanese Society of Gastroenterology and the Japan Gastroenterological Endoscopy Society, and we are committed to offering the highest quality care in all areas of our expertise. We also maintain close relationships with regional hospitals and clinics, and work hard to provide careful and attentive medical care with priority placed on the patient.

With the incorporation of endoscopic surgery as a treatment component for a variety of different diseases, we strive to contribute to faster post-operative rehabilitation. This is accomplished by conducting treatments with minimal invasiveness that impact less on the patient's physical well-being, and treatments that are in consideration of the patient's quality of life.

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AM 11:30 - 15:00
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