Nippon Medical School

Affiliated Hospitals

Department of Radiology

Our department conducts various kinds of diagnostic imaging, IVR treatment, nuclear medicine, and radiation therapy upon request by other departments.
Our diagnostic imaging services cover a wide range of techniques including all types of CT, MRI, and angiography as well as photographic imaging, radiography of the breast, thoracic and abdominal digestive tract, as well as kidney and urinary tract.

Our nuclear medicine services include examination and diagnostic tests of all areas including the brain and heart, and also participates in PET imaging using the facilities provided by the adjacent Nippon Medical School Medical Examination Center.

Our radiation therapy services treat malignant and benign tumors in all areas of the body and operate outpatient services from Monday to Saturday as well as inpatient treatment.
Inpatient treatment is primarily recommended for radiation therapy of lung, esophageal, and uterine cancers, TAE therapy of liver cancer, stent treatment of arteriosclerosis, and CT guiding of lower lung biopsies. For these treatments, we also conduct comprehensive follow-up care even after our patients are discharged from the hospital.

Furthermore, through the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture Program for the Development of Private University High-tech Research Centers, we established the Multidisciplinary Non-invasive Therapy Development Center (commonly known as the IVR Center) on October 1st, 1998, and have been working to develop IVR as well as on refining a critical pathway to improve the speed of diagnostic imaging.

AM 8:00 – 11:00